High Frequency Oscillators, Crystal Filters & Microwave modules

FCD-Tech supplies a range of High Frequency Oscillators, Crystal Filters & Microwave modules. Below is an overview of the most frequent components : Microwave Oscillators (including 1030 Mhz and 1090 MHz for IFF radar applications), Phase locked Crystal Oscillators, low phase noise Packaged Crystal Oscillators, Crystal Filters, Band Pass Filters, Low Noise Oscillators, (driver) Amplifiers, Up / Down Converters etc. We have possibilities to offer custom design products.  For specific requirements contact us by email or Contact Form.



The R.F. & Microwave section is divided in 5 sub sections  :

microwave oscillator

Microwave Oscillators

phase locked crystal oscillator

Phase Locked Crystal Oscillators

low phase noise packaged crystal oscillator

Low noise Packaged Crystal Oscillators (PXO)

crystal filters

Crystal Filters

microwave products

Microwave Products


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