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FBO2736L - Through-hole Low Phase Noise OCXO (27 x 36 mm)

FBO2736L ocxo oscillator

Low Phase Noise OCXO oscillator. Frequency range of 10.000 MHz to 40.000 MHz with stability up to +/-50ppb with tuning option. Output logic: HCMOS or Sine Wave.



Crystal Oscillators

smd crystal oscillator FCD-tech


The crystal oscillator range is covering types from standard specification up to custom designed oscillators to meet the requirement of the application. 



FBT0503 - Miniature High Stability SMD TCXO

FBT0503 miniature high stability smd tcxo
The FBT0503 is a digital compensated miniature High Stability SMD TCXO (5x3.2x1.9mm) with low Phase Noise and low RMS Jitter. Output options: Clipped Sine Wave and HCMOS.



Microwave Products

low noise amplifier

Down Converters/Up Converters, Multi Couplers
RF and IF Switch Matrices
RF Drivers / RF Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Limiters
Wide band Oscillators, DLVA
Phase Locked DRO


Quartz Crystals - Crystal Oscillators - R.F. and Microwave

Frequency Control Devices and Microwave products is the core business of FCD-Tech. We deliver a full range of Quartz Crystals, Crystal Oscillators (VCXO, TCXO, OCXO, PXO, Microwave Oscillator), Crystal Filters and Microwave Products.

smd quartz crystals through hole FCD-TechQuartz Crystals

Through hole and SMD packages with various tolerances from standard consumer types till tight tolerance specification with Military or Space qualification.

Crystal Oscillators

The crystal oscillator range is covering types from standard specification up to custom designed oscillators to meet the requirement of the application. Output logic in HCMOS, LVPECL, Clipped Sine wave and Sine Wave. Low Phase Noise and low Jitter figures can be met when required. SMD and Through Hole packages are available for the different oscillator groups:smd crystal oscillator FCD-tech

  • XO (Crystal Oscillator)
  • VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator)
  • TCXO (Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator)
  • OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator)
  • Microwave Oscillator
  • PLXO (Phase Locked Crystal Oscillator
  • PXO (Low Phase Noise Packaged Crystal Oscillator)

crystal filterCrystal Filters

Beside the standard Crystal Filters for 10.7MHz, 21.4MHz and 45MHz MCF, we offer also custom designed Crystal Filters for many different applications from consumer till use in military environment.


low noise amplifierRF & Microwave Products

Beside custom designed Microwave Products, FCD-Tech offers a range of specific units as module or for use in 19 inch standard rack. Our portfolio is covering Down Converters, Up Converters, Multi Couplers (for L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku-Band), Amplifiers (LNA, Broadband, Dual Channel), Combiner / Splitter, DLVA, Oscillators (Dual PLL Synthesizer, PLDRO), High Power Limiter and IF Switch Matrix.


piezo electric crystal sensor - microbalancePiezoelectric Crystal Sensor

A range of quartz crystal sensors to measure mass, temperature, force and pressure with a high precision. Measurement of mass with a Quartz Crystal Microbalance for thin film coating we supply several types of Monitor Crystals and test equipment. Quartz Resonator Temperature Sensor and temperature controllers for high precision registration. The Force Sensitive Quartz Crystal and Quartz Pressure Crystal are high performance parts to measure with a high accuracy.

The products mentioned on this homepage is just a general overview. If you have any question or inquiry request contact FCD-Tech by sending an email to sales@fcd-tech.com or use the ‘Contact Form’.


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