Crystal Oscillators

Many electronic applications require a frequency source that meet certain characteristics for correct operation. Crystal oscillators are frequency sources which deliver an output signal for these applications. There are various types of crystal oscillators (also indicated as XO).

The main groups are:

  • XO - Crystal Oscillator (fixed frequency)
  • VCXO - Voltage Controled Crystal Oscillator
  • TCXO - Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator,
  • VCTCXO - Voltage Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal oscillator
  • OCXO - Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

Depending on the design, the output signal of the crystal oscillators can be CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, Clipped Sine Wave or True Sine Wave. There are also many options for the package of the crystal oscillator: SMD and Through Hole (THD) in various sizes. 

Beside the above mentioned groups FCD-Tech also delivers Microwave Oscillators, Phase Locked Crystal Oscillators (PLO), Low Noise Packaged Crystal Oscillators (PXO). For more information see main menu section : RF & Microwave.

Contact FCD-Tech by email or contact form if you have questions or need support to find the correct Crystal Oscillator. 


The Crystal Oscillator section is divided in 5 sub sections  :

For general requirements without temperature compensation and with a fixed frequency the Crystal Oscillator (XO) or sometimes named Clock Oscillator is used. This type of crystal oscillator is covering a wide frequency range and available for different packages (SMD and THD) and output logic: HCMOS, True Sine Wave , LVPECL , HCSL and LVDS. Many types have an option for tri-state function.


When a certain tuning of the output frequency is needed, the VCXO is the oscillator type to use. The Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator has various options for package sizes and type (SMD and THD) with output logic: CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL or True Sine Wave. Other options: Tri-State, Low Phase Noise, Low Jitter.


A TCXO is used when the stability of the output frequency over temperature is needed. The Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator has an temperature sensitive correction, compensating the frequency offset over temperature. Various options for package sizes and type (SMD and THD). Most common output logic: Clipped Sine Wave or CMOS. Options for frequency stability vs. temperature range, Tri-State, Low Phase Noise, Low Jitter.


An Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) is an oscillator operated inside a temperature controlled oven which keeps the crystal and the oscillator circuit at a constant temperature. OCXOs are widely used in telecommunications, satellite, broadcast and other professional applications. Many options are available for package style, output logic, tight frequency tolerance vs. temperature range. FCD-Tech is offering several High-End OCXO oscillators with Low Phase Noise, vibration absorption, and can meet the standards for Military-grade and Space-grade.

We offer a comprehensive range of both THROUGH-HOLE and SURFACE MOUNTED OCXO's. For your specific requirements consult us.



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