FBT0507 - Miniature High Stability SMD TCXO (digital compensated)

FBT0507 TCXO - FCD-TechDatasheet FBT0507 TCXO - FCD-TechThe FBT0507 is a high stability digital compensation SMD TCXO with size 7.1 x 5.1 x 2.0 mm. This SMD TCXO use digital compensation technology, IC package technique. The parameters is in the industry leading level. The SMD TCXO use digital compensation, based on singlechip, what makes the small size SMD TCXO temperature stability, in wider working temperature range, up to 0.05PPM. The FBT0507 SMD TCXO has an initial tolerance of +0.3ppm at +25°C. Frequency range is from 10MHz till 40MHz with several standard frequencies available. This (VC)TCXO has many options: signal waveform Clipped Sine Wave or HCMOS, tolerance over temperature range from +0.05ppm over -20 to +70°C till +0.5ppm over -55 to +95°C, option for electronic frequency control (EFC) +/-5ppm. Low phase noise of -150 dBc/Hz at offset 100KHz (measured @ 10MHz). Low RMS jitter (by E5052B) of 13 ps over 12 KHz to 5 MHz. The FBT0507 provides Stratum 3 level Frequency Stability. Supply Voltage is  3.3V.

Applications: Base Stations, Intrumentations, Synthesizer, SDH/SONET, Medical Electronics



  • High Stability SMD TCXO in small package 7.1 x 5.1 x 2.0 mm
  • Digital compensation technology
  • Output: Clipped Sine Wave or HCMOS
  • Low Phase Noise TCXO, Low Jitter
  • Provides Stratum 3 level Frequency Stability
  • Frequency range : 10 to 40MHzbutton request a quote

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