Quartz Crystal Resonator, SAW Resonator, QCM Sensor

quartz Crystals - FCD-TechOne of the key components of all electronic designs is the Quartz Crystal Resonator. In today's development of new applications, the requirements for quartz crystals are diverse. A good understanding of the physical and practical capabilities of the quartz resonator are needed to make a correct choice of this component during design.

To name a view:

  • Package: SMD Crystal package or through hole crystal package (THD Crystal)
  • Size: what space on the PCB is available.
  • Initial frequency based on the load of the electronic components connected to the crystal resonator
  • Accepted tolerance of the initial frequency
  • Frequency tolerance over a certain temperature range
  • ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)

quartz crystal resonator angles at-cut, bt-cut, ct-cut,xy-cutThere are different types of crystal cuts to cover the frequency range from kilo hertz (like 32.768KHz) up to more than 100MHz.  In general the XY-cut crystal is used for low frequency crystals. The AT-cut crystal starts from 1MHz up to 40MHz (in general) and is able to operate in overtone mode (3rd, 5th,7th.). The BT-cut crystal has nearly the same characteristics as the AT-cut crystal, but can operate only in fundamental mode. The SC-cut crystal is mainly used for high-end applications as it has several excellent characteristics. These are the most common crystal cuts. (Some general information about quartz crystal resonators can be found here)

For design engineers, to make the right choice what type of crystal can be used, is not always easy. FCD-Tech can help to find the correct crystal type which matches with the demands for the electronic application. We have a wide range of different SMD Crystal packages as also through hole packages, available over a wide frequency range. We also know very well that price matters and will offer competitive solutions.


Contact FCD-Tech by email or contact form if you have questions or need support to find the correct quartz crystal resonator.


Overview Quartz Crystal types:

Many types SMD crystal packages are available from small size ceramic packages to metal welded packages. Various frequency ranges and specifications for initial frequency tolerances and temperature tolerances.

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Well known types through hole crystals are the HC49U, the low profile HC49US, UM1, UM5 are available on the overview page. For special requirements, like low ageing glass sealed crystals or specific SC-cut crystals, contact FCD-Tech.

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The 32.768KHz crystal (mainly used for timing) as also other low frequency crystals in the kilo hertz range are available. The KHz crystal packages are in SMD as also in (cylindrical) through hole packages. Several options for frequency tolerances available.

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Crystals as sensor for measuring mass, pressure, force and temperature. The Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) uses a monitor crystal to measure mass changes. Other piezoelectric crystal sensor options can be found in this section as also test equipment.

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SAW resonators are used in many of the same applications in which quartz crystals are used, because they can operate at higher frequency. They are often used in radio transmitters where tunability is not required. Frequency range for SAW resonators is 224MHz up to 820MHz. Options for custom designed units.

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