Piezoelectric Crystal Sensors

Quartz Monitor QCM Crystal for use as sensor in a Quartz Crystal Microbalance for thin film vacuum applications measuring mass changes. The Quartz Monitor QCM Crystal types are available for measurement instruments working on 5MHz or 6MHz with gold, silver or alloy electrodes. Outline shape of the electrodes for the Quartz Monitor Crystal is according to Balzers QS012 or Maxtek style

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For measuring mass changes in environments with high temperatures we offer the Langasite Monitor Crystal. The Langasite Crystal Microbalance element is capable to withstand temperatures up to 500°C and available for 6MHz.

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For mass measuring the QCM-3 is a highly advanced instrument. This mass measurement instrument can be used for specific applications in vacuum, gases or liquids. The dual oscillator DO-1 is a high performance dual oscillator driving two quarts crystal resonators simultaneously.

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For precision electronic thermometers and temperature controllers FCD-Tech supplies piezoelectric resonators sensors to sense temperature changes. Characteristics are a wide temperature range. Standard temperature range is -50 to +100°C with optional extended range to +180 or +370°. The Piezoelectric Resonator Sensor withstand high shock and vibration. Precision temperature measurement is provided by the quartz temperature transducer PTK-01 which converts temperature to an output frequency

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The Piezoelectric Force sensor converts the face shear strain into a frequency variation. With this technique it is possible to design balances which weight mass from just several milligrams up to hundreds of kilograms.

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Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor units are widely used for precision pressure equipment like transducers, manometer and controllers. Pressure-induced stress on the piezoelectric sensor will change the resonance frequency and deliver a high resolution and accuracy. For high-end use in meteorological applications or barometric reference we offer quartz pressure transducer units with compensation of the temperature error in the operating temperature range.

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